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I guess I want my kids to start in a “kinder garden”. I will always want to spell it wrong.

I Am Sofa King!

“I don’t know if it’s wrong, but this ‘horse more horse’ thing makes me think that it is.” - Afterparty

I’m not the guy to flat out delete an app, I’ll offload it first.

“I won’t eat the whole bag. I’ll just pour a bowl”

Then proceeds to create the 10th wonder of the world with nothing but potato chips.

The bag is empty.

If you’re a fine dining restaurant and you have a menu online, save me time and just link the items in the descriptions straight to a google search.

I used to be upset that Little Baby Bum changed the melody to Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes. But now I’ve heard others use this “new” melody. Are they lazy and doing an LBB cover, or did it actually change earlier?

Warning: Star Trek: Picard/Legacy Spoiler Ha! Be on the lookout for Admiral Ted Danson.

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Warning: Star Trek: Picard/Legacy Spoiler

Wait… did the end of Picard just lift a character plot from The Orville!?

Captain and First Officer are exes?

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