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A thread experiment 🧵

Q: How are you surviving? A: Oh, I’m not.

Damn the genetics I passed onto my children!

My wife wasn’t the kid up at 5am on Saturdays to watch Rocket Robin Hood and Astro Boy.

Been a while since I looked at Woah, people are actually reading my stuff!?

When my wife buys a new bag of ketchup chips, I quietly throw the old one away. I’m not sure if she’s ever noticed.

I can always tell the kids are watching YouTube based on the soundtrack. You know the song.

“Here’s Rocky! He’s invited Pikachu to stay with him.” Dooo doo, dodododo, dooo do do do dodo doot. “What? He’s brought his friend Batman with him?” Do do do doot.

B’s obsession to say “Have a good day” & “Have good work” makes a dad proud.

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