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Nick Kempinski


You know when your partner gets the latest, and now you want a new too?

For us… CPAP’s.

Soda Stream Lemonade + 3 oz box red wine. - I’m thinking is should be called “trash cangria”

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CC & Fresca - Drink of choice at Mexican All-Inclusive.

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Call it Railtown in Railtown.

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Rye & Sunny D - I call it Rye’s & Shine

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Warning: Alcohol

Trashiest mix drink you like… Go!

I seriously want a place that serves creative well/rail drinks.

If you’re going to try and make Egg Nog an easter drink, put a little thought and at least make it Chocolate Egg Nog.

My first kid pushed wake up to 6:30am. Now the second is trying to push that more to 5:30am!?

Sparklines are fun.

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